I hope this message encourages and inspires your heart to see that we are
blessed beyond comprehension and we have many people in our lives ready and
willing to help us overcome the challenges in our path.


My friend and neighbor gave me a book recently. It is called Parables From
The Sea and was written by Robbins Wolcott Barstow. What amazed me about
it was that in the first few pages I found a paragraph that describes my
friend perfectly. It goes: “I often think of the way some people are
always leaving trails of light and gladness as they sail on through life.
There must be a great many who do for I know a lot of them. They are the
kind of people you are happy to meet anywhere, in a shop or on a street or
at home.”

That quote made me think not only of my friend, but also of all the other
people over the years who have blessed my life’s voyage with their light
and gladness. There was my Mom and my Grandma whose shining love guided me
over the rough waters of childhood and all the storms that went with it.
There was my Aunt and my Dad who kept me sailing on through the heartbreak
after my Mom and Grandma died and back towards a joyous horizon once
again. There were my two brothers and three children who taught me how to
find the joy in life even on the fiercest days when the waves crashed
against my ship.

There were my teachers, neighbors, and friends who showed me the many ways
to steer my boat into the peaceful harbors of love and happiness that life
gives us. Each and every one of these people taught me a little more about
sailing the ship of my life. Each and every one of them showed me as well
to always look towards God’s North Star and to always set my sails with
the winds of His love.

May all of you always sail on towards greater love and joy in your own
lives. May all of you always bless those around you with trails of light
and gladness as well. But most of all may all of you always keep your
ships guided by God’s loving light and never forget the true place that
you are sailing towards.

By Joseph J. Mazzella

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