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I hope this message ministers to your heart to see that God’s grace is a gift that we all need in our lives. It is a gift that will nurture, strengthen and enable us to walk with Christ.


Every morning when I wake up I find a neatly wrapped gift lying on my chest. Now I have to admit that in my past I always pushed this gift aside without even looking at it. I was too rushed and determined to get things done to even consider opening it. I was working, pushing, and trying so hard to make my life work out with so little progress at the end of each day. I trudged through all of my pains, challenges and difficulties while things went from bad to worse. I kept crawling through my life until I was too exhausted to go on. Then one morning I finally noticed that beautiful gift lying there and opened it for the first time.

These days when I open my eyes and see the gift waiting for me, I smile. I carefully and happily tear off the paper and open the box. I take out the gift and hold it in my arms. I give thanks for it and bring it with me wherever I go all through the day. This gift makes my life so much better. I meet people with a smiling face and a loving heart. I laugh easily, sing often, and feel my spirit dancing even when my feet don’t. I face life’s struggles, challenges, difficulties, and pains with hope, determination, optimism, and joy. I know that whatever I must face and whatever I must do that this glorious gift will carry me through.

This gift is Grace. It is the unconditional love of God. It is the unmerited help of our Heavenly Father in all we do. Grace is waiting for us each and every morning of our lives. It is waiting to make a home in our hearts and minds. It is waiting for us to share it with the world. Grace is there ready to help us live our live with love every single day.

What are you going to do when you wake up tomorrow morning? Are you going to shove this gift aside and struggle to make it on your own? Or are you going to thank God for this precious gift, take it in your hands, and place it joyfully into your soul?

By Joseph J. Mazzella

I hope this message inspires and challenges your heart to see that success
can be yours when you place the Lord first in your life. He will lead us
in the right direction and guide us on to the best for our life.

Steve Goodier has this to say:

It’s said there are three ways to get to the top of a tree: climb it, sit
on an acorn or make friends with a big bird. But without too much
imagination I can think of a couple of other ways – like one that involves
a parachute and a poor landing.

However, the point is still well taken: getting to the top of that
organization or reaching a new height requires effort. And it is taken for
granted that reaching the top is exactly what everyone wants to do. After
all, isn’t that what “success” is all about? More power? More money?
Reaching the top?

But what about success at living – trying to get it right this go around?

Success at this thing we call living has always been important to me. And
climbing to the top of a tree has never been a good metaphor for it. I
like to think more about the word “priorities.” Getting some basic
priorities in order is key. And I know that if one’s life can be organized
around solid priorities, then a full and worthwhile life will be the result.

It is always risky to use sports illustrations; they just don’t speak to
everyone. But let me forge ahead with an oft-quoted statement by American
football coaching legend Vince Lombardi. He is remembered for saying,
“Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” And Lombardi’s dream was
certainly to coach winning teams, but it’s a mistake to think that climbing
to the top of football’s ladder of success was his greatest goal. He
believed it was more important to succeed at life than at his career or
anything else.

Actually, winning football games was not “the only thing” to Lombardi. He
once actually listed his life priorities in this order: God, his family
and his career.

He knew what was important. And he knew that keeping his priorities
straight could bring him joy, peace and, ultimately, success at life.
Which is probably the only thing that truly matters.

By Steve Goodier