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Have you ever felt needy? Tune into our 04/15/2012 worship as we explore what happened in the early church. Our world is not like that of the early disciples, but there are still plenty of needy people. We all have needs at some time. Hear what the scriptures say.

Have you ever been “crying at the tomb?” Maybe that is a tomb of a loved one or maybe it’s the tomb of a broken dream or a lost hope. Maybe it’s the tomb of being overwhelmed. If so, this podcast is for you! Tune into oue 04/08/2012 worship service as we give you reason to celebrate the joy of Easter!

Join us for our good friday 2012 worship as the leisenring presbyterian church presents the drama no greater love. Pause and think about the awesome thing that has happened on your behalf through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross.

Palm sunday was just the beginning! Jesus entered jerusalem and the crowds were cheering. Have you ever though about what happened after that parade that day? Tune into the 04/01/2012 worship service at the Leisenring Presbyterian Church as we explore this idea.