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What are the important things in your life? What things would you say make up the top 5 priorities for you? Do your activities reflect those priorities. Is your faith on that top 5 list? All of these questions are important for us to think about as we consider this idea of goals. If we wish to succeed at anything, then we must have a goal. Tune into our 03/13/2016 worship service as we explore this idea of focus – of having priorities.

Do you believe in second chances? Maybe you’ve made a mistake and you’d love to go back and do things over again. Maybe you’ve said something to someone that you now wish was never spoken. God offers second chances. Tune into the 02/28/2016 worship service as we explore and celebrate the grace of second chances.

We all have things lurking in the shadows of our lives. Join us as we present Facing The Shadows, A Good friday drama. An opportunity to reflect on Christ’s passion!

How do you define success? The world defines success quite differently than Christ. Tune in as we explore how our mission as individuals and a faith community can and should be transformed.

Do you remember the classic Elvis song “jailhouse rock?” Tune in to see what this famous song, our relationships, and mother’s day have in common.

What do you think. Do most things happen by coincidence? Is providence ever a part of your life. Tune as we explore these subjects.

Enjoy as our youth present Twas The Night Before Christmas.


Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of evil that is in the world. Have you ever felt powerless to help and asked the question “why does God allow things like this to happen?” Tune into this episode of our podcast as we explore what the bible has to say on this subject.

People cry for many different reasons. Sometimes we cry whenever we are joyful and sometimes – and even more often we cry whenever we are confronted by a tradgedy. Tune in to this episode as we explore what the gospel of John says about crying.

Join us for our good friday 2012 worship as the leisenring presbyterian church presents the drama no greater love. Pause and think about the awesome thing that has happened on your behalf through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross.