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Does your life sometimes feel like you’re a squirrel crossing a busy street? If you have answered “Yes!” then you need to tune into the 05/22/2016 worship service for this is the title of our message. We explore suffering, perseverance, character, and hope.

What are the important things in your life? What things would you say make up the top 5 priorities for you? Do your activities reflect those priorities. Is your faith on that top 5 list? All of these questions are important for us to think about as we consider this idea of goals. If we wish to succeed at anything, then we must have a goal. Tune into our 03/13/2016 worship service as we explore this idea of focus – of having priorities.

What do you think of when you see the word promises? Maybe you think of promises you have made. Maybe you think of broken promises – either those made by you or someone else. Maybe you think of unanswered prayers. Tune in as we explore the promises made by God to Abram.

How easy it is for us to panic! What do you do when something unthinkable happens to you, to your family, to someone you love, or even in the world? Tune in as we explore what Jesus says about seeing the end times in current events. Tune in to find out what our response should be and why it is not only the appropriate thing to do but also quite possible.

When you first meet someone, what is the first thing you ask them? You probably ask “What is your name?” Today’s worship service introduces a biblical character. We don’t know his name. Tune in to see how Jesus treats this individual. Tune into see the power of determination, the power of Jesus’ love, and the power of this man’s faith!

Sometimes our motives are not the most honorable. Sometimes the reasons for why we do something may not always be what it appears? We may even seem to be “really Christian.” Tune in as we explore these ideas and find out what scriptures can teach us.

Have you ever asked God for something? Tune in as we explore this question.

Have you ever faced a storm? Join the disciples and Jesus as we explore their reactions to the storm. If you have ever felt overwhelmed, then this podcast is for you. What is the opposite of faith? Tune in to fine out.

In Mark’s gospel Jesus compares the kingdom of God to a mustard seed – the smallest of seeds but one which grows into the tallest of shrubs. Tune into our 06/17/2012 worship service as we explore how each of us is challenged by this parable.

Have you ever found that living on your own plan is easier than following God? Have you found it hard to do the things that God might want you to do? Ever tried to make God’s plan work out on your time schedule? If you can say yes to these questions, then tune into our worship service as we journey up that loanly mountain with Abraham.