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It is often tempting to give up – especially when everyone and everything seems stacked against you. Tune in to our 08/20/2017 worship service as we hear a story about a determined woman as she debates theology with Jesus.

When you first meet someone, what is the first thing you ask them? You probably ask “What is your name?” Today’s worship service introduces a biblical character. We don’t know his name. Tune in to see how Jesus treats this individual. Tune into see the power of determination, the power of Jesus’ love, and the power of this man’s faith!

What do you think about Miracles? Do they happen in our modern world? Tune in to the September 6, 2015 worship service as we explore the topic of miracles.

Do You believe in miracles? The scriptures are filled with examples of miracles. One characteristic of these miracles is God working in extraordinary ways. However there are three things that are present in most miracles – other than God’s working spirit. Tune in to find out what these things are.

Join us for our 07/01/2012 worship service as we explore Jesus’ reaction to the woman with the long term bleeding disorder. Learn about the new freedom that can only be given through Jesus Christ.