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Have you ever exclaimed “That’s not fair!” If you have then you need to listen to our 9/24/17 message. Tune in as we seek to understand the difficult parable of the landowner found in Matthew’s Gospel.

Have you ever just felt lost and that you didn’t know where you were or even where you might wish to go? Have you ever felt like going home (in whatever sense you think of home) was an impossibility? If you have answered yes to either or both of these questions, then you should tune into this week’s service entitled A Lost Boy.

Have you ever been lost? Tune in as we explore what the bible says about being lost.

Have you ever felt that Jesus just didn’t seem to be a part of your life? Or maybe you have just drifted away and you feel that God isn’t important any more… If so, tune into this podcast of the Leisenring Presbyterian Church as we explore the question “Where can you find jesus”